Well ... How to start. The creation of this videogame has been for today my greatest work, as well as my greatest suffering. Since 7 years ago I started this idea of creating it, I got into debt in order to create it, it took more than 5000 hours and that's only with the programming. It's almost like one man building a house with his savings. However, regardless of whether my video game is a success or a failure, the simple fact of creating this gives me a purpose in this life. But well, leaving aside my psychological and economic problems, it's time to start talking about what is "Way To Fall".

In this year before August I was still creating designs on my laptop and studying my second year in high school, between August and September I started working on a seven eleven this because I wanted to improve my computer equipment from scratch because I had a 3 in 1 computer (these could not be opened and change their hardware) and at the same time I was finishing high school was my last year in short I worked about 8 months and I left in order to finish high school in 3 years, but I did not achieve it because I owed 6 subjects.

My idea was to create a 3D video game, but seeing that this was beyond what I could create myself so I decided to create it in 2D and use the graphics engine "Game Maker Studio" I started to create very basic drawings, they were just sketches of a soldier hiding from others. The problem is that it was a blatant copy of metal gear solid 3, so I started to think that new mechanics could be added so that at least my work has its own identity, in that I remembered a curious fact of silent hill and is about the fog which helped the objects do not appear suddenly and at the same time gave a cold and mysterious touch to it, but the point is that this gave me the inspiration that limiting certain things gives you a fresher point of view so to speak, I started to analyze my main character, what could I change in him to make him feel a different game? His design or better yet, his actions.

With what I had worked I could barely buy a basic equipment, so I kept working in different jobs such as food delivery, security guard, taquero, but in the end I could not adapt and decided to return to work in the Seven eleven, while I passed the 6 subjects and worked, in my spare time I kept drawing more designs of my video game. Sometimes I got discouraged because I felt that I was not advancing in anything and it was true.

The covid-19 pandemic started, during that time the school became virtual and at work I was suspended due to the few people who came to buy, but well, this instead of harming me benefited me a lot, as I already had the first drawing of my main character I continued animating to have different actions of the same and at the same time I thought about the story. In my free time I started to watch anime to distract myself, I bought a subscription to Amazon prime and first I watched inuyasha, after finishing it and watching its movies I started to look for other anime that could call my attention, in that moment I found an anime called "the champion" because of its presentation image I assumed it was about boxing, at first I had doubts about if it was good, but I gave it a chance, I watched the first chapter.

In April I decided to get out of work, I had almost enough to complete my project in terms of hardware and I wanted more time for programming. During that year I imported my animations to the graphics engine and continued learning and improving in programming.




And although it was not so much about boxing, it was a lot about its main character "Joe Yabuki" but well, this is a blog about the creation of my videogame, not about anime, but the little I can tell you about this anime is that if you can watch it I recommend you to do it, it changed my perspective of life and gave me maybe (besides videogames) the only reason why I know I exist. Ashita no Joe (the champion) helped me a lot to give a story to my videogame, I even decided to name my main character after him as a tribute.

While I was still animating and thinking about the story a new and great challenge started to arrive "the programming", my videogame is made in the graphic engine "Game maker Studio 2" which has its own programming language the GMl (Game maker language) at the beginning to understand the basics of programming I bought a Udemy course of C++ taught by the great "Alejandro Taboada" (RIP), after having 2 months I started to try to program in the graphic engine, the first week my head hurt, understanding how the code works took me some time to adapt, I even bought Udemy online courses that I didn't even finish because I felt I wasn't advancing, however, thanks to the game maker documentation and the YouTube tutorials by the previously mentioned "Guinxu, Adderly Céspedes, 1Up Indie" I mastered the graphics engine to a great extent. Of course, everything starts with something simple.

At first I wanted to create a video game inspired by "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater" because I am very fond of this game, then I started looking for videos on YouTube about the creation of video games YouTube channels that helped me and also who I admire for their work are "Guinxu" and "Adderly Cespedes".

I finished high school after 4 years and as I am from the UNAM I had the regulated pass and decided to study the career of civil engineering, this because I like to create things, but well following with my video game as I already had a computer and a graphics tablet, I could start creating animations, on YouTube I looked for free programs because I did not earn much and also wanted my 2D designs were somewhat simple, as a result "Krita" became my usual and comfortable program to animate.

I drew so many sketches, but I didn't like any of them, I was about to give up and quit this project. However, I looked for reference images of boxer poses and I liked one: I started to draw my main character based on the boxer's pose from the video and adapted it to the sketches I had previously drawn in piskel. As a result I got the first drawing of what would give the design, the art, to my video game.

The first 6 months of 2023 I studied and with the time I had, I programmed and drew, nothing new. In August, as the project progressed, I had a lot of things to think about: college, work, expenses. Before I started my 7th. However, after thousands of hours that I have invested, I still feel that I still have some months or even years to go before I can show something striking and I also want to focus on new things that will improve my life, on the other hand, my computer was not so powerful to be able to run my game, it had 8 gb, a video card of 1 gb of vram and even with that it became very slow is why I decided to make a loan to be able to improve my equipment unfortunately also for other expenses I got into debt.


I made the decision to look for a job where I can study and at least little by little continue with the video game. I found a good 4x3 job (you work 4 nights and rest 3 nights). I got used to it and eventually I liked it. However, it didn't last long because I got fired 2 months later for things that weren't true. But well, that motivated me to focus on college and the video game.

Most of the year I kept programming, it takes a lot of time to create code, but the hardest and most tedious part is fixing bugs. Many times, even with documentation, the way I was able to solve bugs was trial and error. July. Even though I was still living with my parents I wanted to buy personal stuff, plus I wanted to find a way to be able to do my animations outside the house because honestly, being on public transportation or being on the go takes away a lot of time that you can invest in something productive, I will explain my method of drawing later.


2024 ________________________________________________

Currently, I already created my Steam page and the actual page, in a few months, I plan to create a Kickstarter to be able to get funds but for now I need to pay my debts and save to create the music I need, so I decided to look for a job in what everyone observes everything I've done so far.

Destiny is in your hands ...

For now I think that the first chapter of my video game will be released in late 2024 or early 2025.


Coming soon...